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Privacy Notice

motatec.com.au is bound by the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1998 (Commonwealth), in the way that it collects, handles and disseminates personal information relating to individuals, including those people who are clients or contractors.

Our Commitment To Your Privacy

We are committed to protecting the privacy rights of people with whom we come in contact, whether personally or across the internet. To this end, we promulgate our privacy policy so that our clients and stakeholders are aware of the information we collect, how we use that information and how individuals might access information that we hold about them. We undertake to manage all personal information with the best of care and with complete confidentiality.

Our privacy obligations are as follows:

Information Collection (NPP 1 & 10 - Prospective Application)

We only collect personal information to the extent that it is necessary for us to conduct our core business of providing business-consulting and mentoring services to our clients. Personal information is collected for the purposes of enabling us to liaise with individuals who are associated with clients, potential clients, contractors or potential contractors. The types of personal information which we may collect and hold in these circumstances includes individual's names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other contact details.

Personal information is sometimes collected indirectly from individuals when they deal with us by telephone, letter, e-mail or when people visit our website.

Sensitive personal information is generally collected directly from individuals seeking work, when they submit their resume to us. Sensitive personal information is sometimes sought from third parties during referee checking prior to engagement of individuals.

Information Use & Disclosure (NPP 2 - Prospective Application)

Personal information is used and disclosed for the sole purposes of conducting our core business of providing our clients with business consulting and mentoring services.

Keeping Personal Information Up To Date (NPP3 - Retrospective Application)

We aim to keep up to date all personal information that we hold on individuals. To this end we seek updated information by asking individuals to provide us with revised and updated records and contact details.

Security Of Personal Information (NPP 4 - Retrospective Application)

Personal information is stored in our secure premises and on our proprietary database. The electronic information is secured by logins and passwords. Old personal information is superseded when it is updated and the replaced record is destroyed electronically.

Old versions of hard copy records are not used for the disclosure of personal information. Culling of old resumes and supporting documentation is undertaken each year and hard copies are destroyed by secure means.

Openness (NPP 5 - Retrospective application)

This Privacy Policy is displayed prominently on our website and explains what information we hold, how we use it and to whom we disclose it. Individuals may contact us to discuss privacy matters, at the contact shown below.

Contact Details:

Greg Lynch
38 Swamp Road
Berry NSW 2535

Ph: 0414 800 359   Int: +61 414 800 359

Email: admin@motatec.com.au

Access and Correction (NPP 6 - Mostly Retrospective)

We will provide individuals with access to the information we hold about them, unless we are permitted under the Privacy Act to refuse to provide such access.

Individuals seeking access to their personal information should apply in writing to the contact above.

Identifiers (NPP 7 - Retrospective)

motatec.com.au does not utilise government identifiers.

Anonymity (NPP 8 - Prospective application)

Individuals can provide information to us anonymously, but it would not then be practicable for us to provide our services to anyone who is anonymous.

Information collected by our website is anonymous and aggregated. It is used to assess the effectiveness and relevance of our website.

Transborder Data Flows (NPP 9 - Retrospective application)

Any transfer of personal information outside Australia would only be with the individual's permission.